Simple Headlight Wiring Problem

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Just need a little help

Basically I'm adding 2 spotlights to my motorcycle and rewiring my headlight and the spotlights to run from a direct feed from the battery (the headlight feed wiring cant cope with the draw)

Problem I got is that I want 1 spot light on with my low beam but then both spotlights on with my high beam but keeping the low beam feed to the headlight off

I have attached a pictured of the wiring setup idea and need someone to point out how I could get the desired effect written above. Im guessing some sort of diode setup but would I need something special to cope with the amps? The spots only draw around 10w/0.9a but the headlight is 45w/3.75a

Thanks in advance for any help



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What if you just reworded this whole thing with out the use of the word motorcycle?? Or headlight perhaps. Abandon this one and start over...
The moderators are not stupid....

Really? Why?

All about circuits but I cant discuss my circuit? lol
A circuit where wiring it wrong could violate local traffic laws, yes. A circuit that could easily get you killed, yes. This rule is in place to protect everyone - members of the forum included.
I did not intend to say they were. Was merely suggesting a way to get help. Also did not realize this was a safety matter. This now makes total sense, I did not catch that in the link above. My apologies


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I am closing this thread as it violates AAC policy and/or safety issues.

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