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    Feb 23, 2010
    hello friends,

    i beg of someone on this forum to explain to me how an underground valve and wire locator works.

    i do valve and wire locating and am well versed on the act of finding wiring compromises and in locating valves with, peak and null locators, TDR and fault finders. shoot, i have dynatel, pro-tech, greenlee, tempo-textron ect. locators and instruments.

    what i need is to understand how a current is induced to a conductor and a frequency is created, how a locator that traces in null with an earth ground will, by eliminating the earth ground and connecting the ground lead to the common, will locate the solenoid in peak mode (there are no adjustments to the transmitter made, just the connection) and where i can search for more information.

    i have been searching the internet for a long time and cannot get the information that i am requesting. i have working knowledge of the locators but not of circuitry

    i thank you in advance

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    Would this be similar to a magnetic anomally detector such that the navy uses to find submarines? If so, you might search those three words. I believe a guitar pickup works much the same way.
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    Feb 23, 2010

    actually paul,

    and i thank you by the way, i was able to get the answers from one of the manufactures, and the rest by countless hours of research.

    i will post the results later, but would really like to say thanks again