Simple entry/exit counter

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Hello peps! I would like to design a system that would count the number of ppl getting in. The entrance is just a rotating gate that only allows 1 person to go through. Due to little knowledge with counters, i'm having a big problem of where to start. Can some1 help please

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Start by deciding if you are going to let the gate affect a mechanical counter, or use a light beam or ultrasonic beam to count people, or a floor mat that feels the weight of people, or some other method all the way up to a video feed to a computer that counts movement of pixels.

Have an idea of how accurate it must be.

Things like that.


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This would be one of those situations where a mechanical solution would be more reliable and easier to implement than an electronic one.


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If you have a commercially made turnstile or revolving gate, the manufacturer probably has an off-the-shelf solution available made to fit.