Simple diode circuit help

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Excuse me, my circuit skills just got rusty.
Can anyone please give me a clue what would the voltage rating be at the purple node? appreciated!




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Here's a datasheet for the BAV99; a dual diode:
It's being used as a clamp to limit the voltage excursions above and below ground.

The AUTO_IN - whatever that is - limits the current through either diode in the BAV99 in case the signal goes above 5v or below ground. The clamp at low current values (1mA) is the positive supply +~.7v to ground - ~0.7v


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Do you mean voltage rating or range?

Presumably input AUTO_IN can have a somewhat unspecified range (within limits). This bit of circuitry seems to be designed to ensure the volatge at the node in question does not go outside the nominal range of 0 to 5V.

The two diodes are orientated & biased to achieve that outcome.


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That voltage at that point, if we assume the fvd of diode 0.7V, will not be less than -0.7V and greater than +4.3V
Greater than 5V+Vf ..... The node has to climb over 5V to get the top diode forward biased.
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An important point, that last. When adding diodes like this e.g. to protect an IC, it may be difficult to keep to safe voltages, which are often just a few hundred mV beyond the rails. Using Schottky devices may help, as may putting series elements between the big diodes and the device - the latter strictly restrain the current rather than the voltage.