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    Mar 21, 2011
    I have 2 cash drawers, one is using an epson receipt printer wheras the other is using a serial port. The one with the serial port used to be a receit printer type but has been modified. I am looking to make the same modification to the one currently using the printer. Unfortunately I have a partial template as the person who made the circuit board put half the board under a ton of glue. below are all the details of the circuis I can see and hopefully someone can "fill in the blank"

    Visible Components:
    9 pin serial
    12v power adaptor
    Solenoid/electro magnet
    Large polarized capacitor, Value unknown, assuming 470uf
    Diode (I think)

    Everything between the dashed lines are connected together
    Serial port pins
    4(Data terminal ready)
    8(Clear to send)
    6(data Set Ready)
    White wire, goes to unvisible connection
    Pin 5 (ground)
    - side of diode
    - side of solenoid
    To unvisible location
    VCC -
    Capacitor -
    Unvisible location
    VCC +
    Capacitor +
    Diode +
    Solenoid +

    I am quite advanced when it comes to logic design, but I have difficulty when other components are involved.

    The way I figure the circuit works is like a relay. When the serial port triggers, it discharges the capacitor to the solenoid to open the drawer. The solenoid requires somewhere around 12-22 volts but the serial port only generates 5v.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you