Simple ask about generators in parallel

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In a simple circuit with 3 generators in parallel (all generator have the same resistance of 6 Ohms, and one have a emf=20 the others two have emf=10) as I can calculate the quantify of Amperes (an ideal ammeter after the "20" generator) in after the generator with emf=20?

ps: Sorry if have a topic or the answer of this topic in the forum, it is answered in the site handbook, but I´m new in this forum and site. I still searching


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I take it from the ps. line at the end of your posting that you found the answer to your question. Am I correct in that interpretation?

Is there a load? Or do you need to calculate current in the 10 (volt I assume) generators? What is the polarity of each?

I am new here but I see an attachments feature so how about a diagram?