Simple AM transmitter

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So here I was trying to build a "Simple AM transmitter" for a school physics project using a 555 timer IC chip.

I thought that it would be easy but I can't seem to pick up anything with a radio receiver so I have no idea if its even working. Anyone know how to calculate the band when using the components listed in this build? I built it to the suggested specs.


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Sorry to say, that is NOT an AM transmitter. It is a badly designed small-scale Tesla coil that will leave you with a dead battery in a very short time. It will emit broadband RF noise. The FCC frowns heavily on the use of such things.


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What are you wanting to do, just send out a carrier? Once we know we'll post a schematic that might suite your needs.

Basically what you have is a square wave generator, similar to this. It splatters all over the spectrum. There are better ways of doing small transmitters.

The problem is probably the antenna. Note the wire between the dowels in the picture, figure around 6ft of wire back and forth.