Simple 7 segment counter with input + output

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Hi there... I am in dire need of a hand to put a counter circuit together.

Basically the functionality is this:-

The 7segment counter should display 0 (ZERO) upon power on.
When a pin is shorted/pulse sent, this counter should increase by one.
When an additional pin is shorted, it should decrease by one, but also send a 'pulse' on another pin.

Basically I'm looking to use it as a 'credit' system. Add a credit by pushing a button. Press another button to 'use' the credit (decrease count + send the pulse).

I can assemble anything.. I just know f'all about design!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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An up/down counter, a display driver and so on will do what you want.

What logic family do you want to use? How many digits do you need?

Remember that this is homework help, so looking to us to hand over a complete design is not really getting help.