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How do you get a signature at the bottom of each post cuz?

looked all through my profile and cant find


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Go to your Profile and then to "Customize Profile",From their, under "Control Panel" > "Settings & Options" tyou will find "Edit Signature".

I see you have only 4 posts ,I don't know if you are allowed to add signatures or not ...anyway try it..

Good luck


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I believe 10 posts is the magic number.

This was done because people would ask a question in the homework section, get their help, then delete their posts and leave, never to returen. It is assumed this was to confound their classmates and professors.

So the 10 post count level was added.


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There is a formula that increases the number of posts required for senior member status based on your font size wth respect to 12 points. It's (x-12)^x where x = font size. For fonts less that 10, it's (12-x)^x.

Also embedded is the troll recommendation trigger, for fonts greater than 36 points. It shows up on Senior Members screens to remind them to ignore the trolls.