Signal through a transformer

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I use this thread becouse my problem is similar to the title:
I have to read the secondary winding of an LVDT that is a sinewave of 3kHz, 7 V RMS ( about -10V to +10V).
I have only the single supply of 24 V. I want to go in an ADC, so before I have to filter it (anti-aliasing), with an OPAMP (TLC274).
I already have done a circuit and it works (it's attached the principle schematic).
But there are some limits with it:
1-the OPAMP admit maximum supply voltage of 18V, I use the internat ADC of a micro that is 0 - 3V, with this schematic is difficult adjust in the same time offset and gain
2-I would like use at the input an instrumentation amplifier in a differential mode, to be as max precise as possible, but with the negative voltage I don't know how.

Can anyone suggest me a better schematic that use only single positive supply?

Thank you!!