Signal for initial test of FIR filter

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    Jan 6, 2004
    I completed the simulation of a FIR filter algorithm and I will try it in a 18F micro, for the moment only with a 4-MHz xtal.

    PLease note that I have no previous experience in these filters.

    I intend to test it using: sinusoidal 280 Hz (4V pk-pk) plus sinusoidal 2500 Hz (0.5 V pk pk) plus noise (appr. 300 mV pk-pk). All that coming from a summing amplifier which I just soldered and runs OK.

    I am about to calculate the antialising filter. For the moment sampling rate would be 2300 Hz.

    My questions:

    Since I intend to recover, obviously, the 280 Hz, is the signal above a valid one for a first test?

    I am aware of the reccomended tests where the filter taps are set only to 1 or 0 on purpose. Would you suggest something else?

    Gracias for any help.