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    Working on a new project, needs some suggestions.

    I'm driving 7 signals up a 20 ft wire outdoors. Using 3.3v levels and shielded ethernet cable. Very low frequency. I'm looking for a driver chip that has the built-in protection (lightning) so I don't need a bunch of discrete parts.

    Suggestions? I found the Toshiba td62003afg but I'm not sure it has all the protection I need. I want this to tolerate lots of abuse as it will be outside for years. Imagine the receiving circuit at the bottom of a 20' metal pole and the transmitting circuit up at the top. I've thought about using the DIP pkg so that if it fries I can have a socket & just swap parts. But I'd rather build it bullet-proof in the first place.

    Thanks in advance

    PS: a few comments. The pole will be grounded well. The top box has a microcontroller telling the lower box what to do. My concern is regarding blowing out the transmitter chip or receiver which is why I want this buffer design. I'd love to find something with built-in zeners. Again slow speed, 5-10 hertz. 7 signals coming down, 1 signal going back up. Hope this helps.
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