SI-22BG/CI-22BG based dosimeter

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    May 13, 2013
    The goal is to build a SI-22BG/CI-22BG based dosimeter with some type Arduino Due compatible output of 3.3v at any input/output pin on the “Due” board.

    With the research done I've hypothesized that the circuit can be broken down into the following stages:

    • high voltage
    • gas detector SI-22BG/CI-22BG glass Geiger tube with anode or cathode resistance [both?]
    • op amp based buffer positive feedback amplifier
    • logic level shifter or equivalent for 3.3v signal
    My current status is; well maybe this is common among beginner-hobbyist types as myself, but after the research that has been done, I'm confused now what is the right way to proceed. Since I have no high voltage experience, other than playing with some simple charge pumps and voltage doubler with a single AA battery: 400v with the possibility of a few watts of energy behind it is quite a leap.

    I have knowledge of high voltage sure, yet no practical experience what so ever.

    So then I ask this question:

    In theory the Muller-tube is the key component to the dosimeter: so then would one set the conditions for proper function around the tube including proper resistance, [?] before deciding upon anything else?