Should I get the pen display monitor XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro ?

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Good day. So, I've been using my XP-Pen Star 03 for about 2 years now - the old Star03 Pen tablet . it works still well - but I'm opting for a pen display now. I had gotten the Star03 Tablet when I was just getting into digital drawing and painting, and since I've stuck with it this long, I feel I want to get something like a Pen display, that you draw directly on.

Now, I mostly do Illustration, Storyboarding, and Animating - Clip Studio, Photoshop on some occasions, Toon Boom Storyboard. and Harmony. 2 years ago, there weren't this many Cintiq models to choose from, so, suffice to say, I'm extremely confused as for which one I should get. The XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro come with 21.5 inches HD IPS Screen Display Monitor with 8192 Pen Pressure Sensitivity and 5080 LPI Resolution.16 Express Keys and Adjustable Stand .it seems good .

Money/cost is not a factor in this case. I just want a tablet that is big enough and gives me the closest feeling of drawing on paper!

I really appreciate any insight on this, I just don't know what the best choice is here.

Thanks in advance!
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