shorted battery ?

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    Jul 29, 2010
    i have a battery for an old cordless drill (it's a black and decker) i think it it's about 6 yrs old or more it worked fine then i had to unplug the charger to use the outlet it stayed unpluged for a week or so with the battery in it i pluged it back in the led didn't come on no charge even after days af charging. took charger apart there was a blown diode and resistor replaced both kept frying the replacement resistor too. i removed the controler and stuck a resistor in series with the charger. resistor gets warm batery will read 0 volts even if pulled of charger for a second. mesured the ohms of battery to see if it was shortaed. it came to 2.8 ohms of witch 2 ohms are for the leads. so the battery had .8 ohm is this because it is discharged or is it shorted?