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    Jan 15, 2014
    Hellow guys,
    I guess i am posting in right forum,
    Here I have this customer´s Dell laptop, while I was checking the laptop with my universal charger, on connection, i saw a light flash in chargin pin as soon as i connected and that little burning smell..
    After this, on connecting the original charger, the lapto does give the sign of life and LED lights keep flashing (when battery is connected) but laptop doesnt power on. The battery is completely drained and i dont have other means to charge battery and check on battery only.
    Well, I opened up the board and tried to find the fault, I guess laptop is not getting full voltage to power on, something along the line, a resistor or capacitor might be burnt. Using the multimeter, chargin pin is giving full 19v voltage. So I guess pin isnt burnt.
    Could you guys please suggest me something, a guide to go through the board to check the fault?
    I work in a lab, so I have almost all repairing equipment available, like soldering and hot air station, meters etc etc

    edit: The continuity check with mobo powered up by charger, i am getting diffrent readings and 0.00/0.01 on some. On 12v fuse, 19v on some ICs and 6Vs random on some... If needed, i can post a diagram with their voltages....
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