Shoe tossing

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I consider shoe tossing as described here a bad childish behavior. I was thinking how to remove them. till I came across some reading on laser burning objects. so I thought if I can aim the laser at the thread that hangs the shoe I will be able to burn it, once it gets-week/starts to burn, the shoe will drop to the ground.
That is the reason for my thread "laser diode" which was closed by the Super Moderator with his comments "This is not acceptable."



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From paragraph 2 of the code of conduct:
Forum members must not knowingly provide any information that may adversely affect another member; this includes, but is not restricted to, information that may potentially result in injury, death, damage or destruction of property and possessions. The administration takes this matter seriously and has the right to remove any contentious content and deal with the offending member as it deems is necessary.
You must understand that you are not the only person obtaining information from these forums. Many others can read the thread. We have no control over the use of any information posted.

Any laser with enough energy to burn a shoelace can cause a fire or blind someone.

That is definitely not acceptable.