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"Double layers are nature’s way of discharging charge separations." - anonymous

:confused:This attempt at a 1 line summary of why DLs exist in nature just didn't seem right to me to put it politely. But the guy who said it ought to know what he's talking about.

I thought I'd done and dusted my understanding of DL basic principles early on on my undergrad days.
Off my tongue, my short summary of DLs -

DLs form at dynamic (plasma) region boundaries. i.e. charge builds up, resulting in prevention or reduction of further current by coulomb repulsion of the charge carriers.

If anything, DLs are a natural result of electric dynamics, creating and maintaining charge separation.

The only way for a DL to discharge \ recombine charge separation is to stop the dynamics, i.e. switch off the power. But switching off the external power is not the function of the DL.

I think the anonymous quote is just dead wrong.
Is one of us mad? Or is there a whole field of grey that I'm not aware of? We were talking basic DL theory, nothing tricky.

Quick Consensus thx guys?


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Well that's an interesting field of study (of which I've never heard of before, basic or otherwise), but is that related to Electronic circuits, which is the subject of this forum?