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SgtWookie, beenthere, Bill Marsden, bertus, Dave, Audioguru... you all, are teachers for thousands of members in this great forum and other thousands non members who read your really great posts and threads. I think I missed many other "big" names in this forum, sorry for that. I just want to thank you all for what you do in this forum, I want to thank you in behalf of all members for helping in threads and for sharing knowledge and for your useful blogs and of course the online textbooks and simply for everything. Everything is free and even I can't see an ad on this website and forum!
I believe that sharing knowledge is a humanitarian doing and that learning and getting knowledge is a right and should be available freely for everyone in this world.
Again thank you. You are great people.


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@ Hazim,Do you know the name of the seaport in Lebanon.
Just a question,some one gave me the answer.
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Hazim, the electronics gurus that you named, along with other practitioners that weren't mentioned, are respected far and wide for their deep understanding of all things electronic or computers, but also for their concise, time-saving replies to the flurry of sometimes dumb questions we less knowledgeable hobbyists throw at them.

Also, for a discussion forum with the heaviest internet traffic that I have ever seen, the tone of conversation here remains generally more easy-going and courteous than most of the other forums I have visited. I have but one stop for any questions for which I seek answers in the analog or digital world, and this is the place fer sure.

Thanks fellas, I feel privileged to be here for my informal learning, and I must add that the electronics safety advice in particular is greatly appreciated.


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I agree on all counts, this forum is the busiest forum I've ever come across, and also has the best guys around to answer questions of all difficulty levels and there is not a flame to be seen (well, I've seen one, and it was promptly removed)
And no adds...
And no spam...

Truly the best place for anything dealing with non-lethal amounts of energy :D


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Who can't agree with what has already been said?

I'll add my thanks to you all the wonderful people who've set aside some of their time to help myself with the woes of my projects.

And may I say a huge thank you to the mods, admin and the owner of this site for access to THE chuffing best electronics website which I have found on the internet.

It has been said that there is no spam, no trolling, no adds, etc, and that is down to you.

A great website, with great people can influence so many. The knowledge which has been shared, is being shared and will be shared has helped to create happiness for many.

And for that, I applaud you all.