Sexiest Star Trek TNG character


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I don't recognize her, and I thought I was a Trekkie.

7 of 9 was always a favorite.

Gotta love those implants!

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She appeared in 2 episodes of TNG, 'Captains Holiday' and 'Qpid'. A love intrest of Picard's. She also appeared in an episode of Deep Space Nine - "Q-less', Q was again involved as he was in 'Qpid'.

Mmmm 7... of 9. Now Voyager is another matter. Concentrate Bill, TNG is where we are...


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That last Dax was a cutie, too. Not a Jim Carrey in The Mask build, like 7 of 9, but still a cutie.

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Tasha Yar's sister was pretty hot. I'd rate her #2. She might have been #1, but a little too young for my tastes. I quite oddly like women around my own age.


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I know this about TNG, but lets pay homage to the original. I don't mean the original Star Trek Series. I mean the original pilot episode that started it all.

Susan Oliver was Vina in The Cage, the original pilot that was remade into The Menagerie in the Original Series. Now she was the hottie that spawned all future Star Trek hotties.


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Personally, I couldn't stand Enterprise. T'Pol was the only highlight, but not really my sort.
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