Seven Segment Display - Binary to Hexadecimal Circuit

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Hello all,

I have to design a circuit according to this question:

Using any design techniques learned, build a circuit that converts a 4 bit binary input into a hexadecimal character (0-F) on the seven-segment displays.

The seven-segment displays also follow inverse logic (ie, a 0 means that the light is on).

For example, to display the number ‘2’, you would set HEX0[2] and HEX0[5] high, and
leave the rest low. To display an 8, you would leave all values low.

I know I can just use a truth table and K-Map for each output but that seems to be exceedingly tedious. Is there a simpler approach to this problem that I am not seeing? If there is, does it have something to do with the inverse logic part of the question? Any nudge in the right direction is greatly appreciated.