setting matrices for circuits

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Hello Everyone
I almost never get to get the right matrix for a circuit either because i dont choose the right mash or because I dont choose the right current for each resistance or because i made a mistake because of the sign i searched a lot on the internet and cant find help because they maybe assume this is easy thing to figure out this is an example .
The first mistake that I made I didnt choose the right mashes I chose the mashes and theni didnt choose the right current and got this equations
Uq1-Ri1I1-R1I1 =0
but the right answer that I found on the book is
I also have difficulities in finding the right direction and setting the right sign for each tension . Please dont tell me to go again and read the lesson because I did couple a time and I dont get to figure out the right matrix when a cirucit gets more complicated soI guess giving a concrete example will help a little bit