Setting in S-Drive 120 MK2 controller

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    Jun 29, 2013

    I use a PG S-drive 120 MK2 controller to control a motor 950 W 24 Volt from CT Engineering

    I use the setup in a mobility scooter

    I have used the same setup with the controller MK1 model and it runs perfect

    I have trouble getting good driveability with the MK2 version and I hope there is one guy there use the same setup and will help me with these setting

    Speed Settings Forward Acceleration (0.1 Seconds)
    Forward Deceleration (0.1 Seconds)
    Reverse Acceleration (0.1 Seconds)
    Reverse Deceleration (0.1 Seconds)
    Max Forward Speed (%)
    Min Forward Speed (%)
    Max Reverse Speed (%)
    Min Reverse Speed (%)
    Speed Limit Pot Enabled Operation Settings Sleep Timer (Minutes) Throttle Invert Battery Settings Low Battery Flash Level (Bars)
    Cable Resistance (milli-Ohms)
    Calibration Factor
    Low Battery Alarm
    Low Battery Alarm Tone (S Drive 120,140,180A) Trucharge Reset Voltage (Deci-Volts) (S Drive 180A) and (S Drive II)
    Battery Curve Scaler Inhibit Settings Inhibit 1: Mode
    Inhibit 1: Operation
    Inhibit 1: Speed (%)
    Inhibit 2: Mode Inhibit 2: Operation
    Inhibit 2 Speed (%)
    Inihibit 3: Mode Inhibit 3: Operation
    Inhibit 3: Speed (%)
    Aux Output: Mode

    Soft Stop
    Brake Time (milli-Seconds)
    Output Voltage (Volts)
    Status Output Type
    Diagnostic Flash Sequence
    Reverse Alarm
    Reverse Alarm Tone
    Pulsed Reverse Alarm
    Diagnostic Alarm
    Diagnostic Alarm Tone
    Brake Disconnected Alarm
    Brake Disconnected Alarm Tone
    Brake Fault Detect
    Brake Light
    Push too Fast Threshold
    Push too Fast Timeout (0.01 Seconds)
    Freewheel Enable
    Inhibit 2 Horn Input Enable

    Motor Settings Current Limit Max (Amps)
    Boost Drive Current (Amps)
    Boost Drive Time (Seconds)
    Current Foldback Threshold (Amps)
    Current Foldback Time (Seconds)
    Current Foldback Level (%)
    Motor Cooling Time (Seconds)
    Current Foldback Temperature (Deg C)
    Current Limit Min (Amps)
    Motor Stall Timeout (Seconds)
    Motor Compensation (milli-Ohms)

    AntiRollback Level
    Pull-away Delay (centi-Seconds)
    Slope Factor
    Anti Rollback Velocity
    Braking Current Limit (Amps)
    Timed Foldback Braking Current (Amps)
    Timed Foldback Speed (%)
    Enhanced Motor Compensation (Up) (%)
    Enhanced Motor Compensation (Down) (%)
    Enhanced Motor Compensation (Up) Gain

    Throttle Settings Throttle Type
    Throttle Deadband (%)
    Throttle Gain (%)

    Best regards

    Per Mortensen