Set up of a melting shop

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    Need some help on how to start this question.

    A 50 HP motor needs to be installed in a melting shop. A nearby substation is able to transmit any
    supply voltage less than or equal to 4096 V. Using your knowledge of: cables, safety, and relative costs,
    determine the most cost-effective implementation by: selecting cables sizes and supply voltages and
    appropriate insulation. Assume Copper wire is 3x as expensive as Aluminum wire and every AWG size
    increase corresponds to a 1.5x increase in wire price. State any other relevant costs.
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    Nov 4, 2008

    I suppose the first order of business is to determine whether this is 3 phase or single phase. I would presume three phase. But in any case, start out with what you know.

    Power consumption at a bare MINIMUM is 50 hp x 746 watts/hp= 37.3KV. I think motors are assumed to have about 90% efficiency, so crank that up by 10%=41 KV. You're going to need a three phase step down transformer on site. It will be aluminum between the substation and your on-site transformer, and copper from there to your shop. You want your on-site transformer as close to the shop as possible, of course.

    Hope this gets you started.