Servo motor and IR Circuit

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    Dec 1, 2012
    Hello. I have an issue with a circuit of mine. I am using a TSOP24 IR Receiver (38kHz) circuit component, along with the circuit diagram shown in the attachment. I am also using a HS-422 servo motor, which is running of the same voltage regulator as the IR receiver. The servo motor has a signal voltage which is directly coming off a PIC18F2420 output, which is on a different circuit board and power by a different supply (the two circuits share a common ground). Also going to the PIC from the circuit, is a signal in parallel with the LED from the IR receiver.
    The IR Receiver, once tuned to the correct frequency, is set to turn the LED on if triggered. This is represented in the circuit diagram (The voltage source is a representation of the output of the TSOP24 receiver).
    If you need more information about the circuit let me know but my problem is this, when i turn on the circuit for the PIC micro controller, the signal LED indicator, turns off or turns on fully. I added a 47uF electrolytic capacitor across the supply for the servo but am still having problems.
    Any help?
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    Your description and diagram are confusing and maybe that's why nobody has responded so far. But one thing I can see that's obvious--Q2 will never turn on, so Q1 will never turn on, so the LED will never light.