Servo Controlled LED Head Scratcher

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My knowledge in electronics is very basic right now because I have just started to take an interest in it so I can learn how things like RC vehicles work better.

I found a tutorial of making a servo controlled LED on/off switch online from and have used that as my starting point.

What I want to be able to do is use a 3-way switch on the radio for off / low / high (0v / 2v / 3.3v white LEDs being used) and this is where it goes beyond my knowledge.

I am using a Futaba S3004 servo and have found the following websites containing information about the servo: S148 Servo mod for PWM.htm

Before I cut off the potentiometer, I measured the DC output at -4.5v, 0, 4.5v depending on the position of the switch. I then cut off the potentiometer, used jumper wires from the 3 posts to a breadboard so I could experiment with different resistor values to accomplish my goal.

The closest I reached with the limited number of resistors I have on hand was -1v / 4.8v / 4.5v.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)