Servo control for a tonearm

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Hello All,

    I designed and built a servo controlled tone arm in 2012 and am looking for someone to design the servo circuitry for me. I cannot afford to pay for that service and am looking for an individual who will take precision milling machine work and/or CAD drafting/3D solid modelling in trade.

    I can do the prototyping and PCB work myself.

    I intend to use a 10mm diameter stepping motor to drive the tone arm carriage, controlled by a linear analog Hall Effect device in a closed loop configuration. I did something similar in the eighties using TTL logic ICs. However, I would like this new circuit to use a microcontroller to reduce the parts count. The circuit also includes digital Hall Effect switches and several push buttons.

    I can supply a block diagram and spec sheets for the various components which I already have.