Service Manual & Schematic Diagram for AIWA NSX-K7

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Anyone can supply me a Service Manual & Schematic Diagram for AIWA NSX-K77 1000W Mini Hi-Fi?

The problem that I faced is when I put in my CD into VDC player, the player detected no CD found.

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I have no service manual or schematic diagram for that particular brand, but in my experience most of the initial seek failure is caused by dirty laser pickup assembly (lens). Does it spin, tries to seek the starting track and fails to find it?

I would start by cleaning the lens assembly first, gentle blowing and dust brushes work wonders. I usually use camera lens cleaning kit and no chemical or liquid whatsoever.

If that doesn't work then you can test whether the pickup lens moves up and down (focus) and the lens assembly moves in and out (track seek).

The lens is suspended on a spring and works much like a speaker where current through a small coil suspended near a magnetic field moves the lens up and down. This rarely fails, but if it does you might want to check the voltage/current across the coil, the ribbon/flexi connector and the driver.

The lens assembly is mounted on a tray with a screw gear providing in and out motion. If it doesn't move then check the motor and power to the motor.

If all is well, then I am afraid the only solution is to replace the pickup assembly. It is usually sold as a complete unit.


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I found a link that sells the manual & schematic.

AIWA Manuals

It might be somewhere out there online. I'll check around too.

BTW, 1000-watts is a pretty robust "mini" hi-fi. I thought my 400-watt mini hi-fi was really kickin up its heels!

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