Series Parallel voltage current phasors

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Hi all,
Pls take a look at this schematic
THe circuit consists of a 50Hz 240rms supply,a 30uF capacitor in parallel with the 80 ohms resistor and a 0.05H inductance.I've calculated the total impedence looking from the supply side to be 55.848 Ohms. The source current is 4.29Arms leading by 24 degrees. However,i'm trying to visualize the phasor diagram between the supply voltage and the currents through the inductor,the capacitor and the resistor.Can someone pls draw how the phasor diagram would be like?


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If this is homework you should put it in the homework forum.

You can at least start the drawing by placing the source voltage vector [240 angle 0°] and the current vector [4.29 angle 24°] on paper. Use the same origin for each and select an appropriate scale factor for voltage and current.

You then need to calculate the inductor voltage. You already have the inductor current.

You can also calculate the resistor and capacitor voltage and currents. It's then a simple matter of placing the vectors for each quantity as calculated on the diagram.