series parallel RL

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This is my attempt at the problem. My answer is close to the book which is
VR1 = 7.92V & VR2 & L1 = 20.84V. I don't really know if I am going about it in the right way. Can anyone advise.

p.s. The last line was lost.

VR2 & L1 = IT * Z

VR2 & L1 = 35.89m * 581.39

VR2 & L1 = 20.87V



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Rather than start another thread on the same topic, it's best if you simply re-post in the same thread as your original. Then there's no confusion about where you are in the process.

The error in the analysis you gave was that you should have reduced the parallel branch to its equivalent complex impedance. You then add this complex impedance to the 220Ω to give the total complex impedance.

From there you can then deduce the current and voltage drops.