Series Active Filter

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Dear all,

    I'm working on a series active filter circuit, and i'm having problem with the configuration of my filter circuit as well as the parameter of each component.

    The circuit i design are as shown in attachment, i'm using Matlab Simulink to draw the circuit.

    On the bottom left of the circuit part is the non-linear load i design to produce THD which is currently around 30% and on the right of the circuit is the series active filter i try to design to compensate the harmonic distortion.
    but the THD did not decrease but increased instead!

    I'm a beginner in this field, hope you guys can teach and guide me patiently by giving me the details and help me to troubleshoot the problem with my circuits

    these are the questions i would like to ask
    1. is the configuration of my circuit(series active power filter) correct?
    2. how should i set my Cr, Lr and C values?
    3. how about the "ref" value for my control circuit?
    4. can anyone design the PI controller for me?