Serial to parallel converter

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Design a simple serial-to-parallel data converter. The circuit reads data serially, adds a parity bit to it and then output it in parallel (8-bits) along with a strobe signal. The data format is as follows; 2 start bits (two 1s), a single stop bit (0) and the data packets (each is 7-bits long) are separated by a single 1 (continuation bit). When there is no data on the input it is kept low (i.e. 0). The circuit should be fully synchronous with an external clock and have a master asynchronous reset input. The diagram below shows the block diagram of the circuit and the data format.

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Just about any old body's RS-232 ic does these things. Look for RS-232 ic's on google. Maxim is one mfr - you should be able to find internal block diagrams at least.