Serial-Parallel-serial transformer!PLEASE HELP ME:(

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Serial-Parallel-serial transformer... Hi friends this is my term project,i m waiting for your help.Thanks.
-1, push button:for clock.
-1 , 2 probability key.(for data input)
-8 times we give serial input with this.
-we keep this 8 bits.
-and transform this to parallel output.
-We see parallel output from 8 LEDs.
-1 other push button for clock.
-After that again transform this bits to serial.
- And we must see the serial output from a LED. PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE A SHORT TIME...


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To save you the hastle of being flamed, I would recommend you be a little more specific with your query.

- What do you aspire to achieve with this project?

- Do you know what you have at your disposal to achieve this project?

- What have you done so far?

- What areas would you like help with?

Without (at least some of) the information above there is probably little people can do to help you.