Serial output from OSC2 pin?

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I am using 16F88, due to all the ports B has been use for parallel communication with LCD, I try to use this pin as serial output (Only transmission needed). Can I have basic assembly code for this so that I can further modify it?
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Have you read the appropriate section (Chapter 11) in the 16F88 data sheet?

Also search the Microchip website - there are application notes

If you have the MPLAB software, there is an application Maestro assembler module for PIC 16 USART included.



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I've used an internal oscillator on a 16F627, and the best I could do is flash a heartbeat LED on it. Make sure the config flags are set for INTRC_XXX for which port either is an I/O or clock out.

You might be able to move another function to that pin, and use the original pin for the serial.

Another option: Use a shift register for the data lines on the LCD, it frees up a couple pins.