Serial communication through PC using VB or Visual C++

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I have this assignment that need me to use serial port to send image file (in JPEG) through it.. Then the file will be transmiited wirelessly using radio freq. to the other computer.. I'm already done with the hardware.. Thanks to this forum for the opinion and the suggestion on the other section..

Since i'm really new on VB and Visual C++, can you guys help me with a program that can help me to send the file through the serial port on the transmitted PC and a program to receive the image file at the receiving computer..

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I'm currently involved with building a data aquisition device controlled via the PC's parallel port and using VB6. VB doesn't allow you to do this directly, you need to use a special DLL, but certainly for serial input/ouptut, you can use VB's Comm control to read and write to the serial port. This has been provided to allow a VB program to interface with serial devices like modems and barcode scanners, etc. You'll need to look up the details on how to use it as it was a very long time ago, but from what I remember it wasn't all that difficult. ;o)