Serial Communication (help on RTS and CTS pins)

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Hello Everyone! I am designing a very basic test project on system simulator. I want to receive 1byte of data serially that is any ASCII character and store in an 8bit shift Register in SISO mode. I used a self locking counter to count till 7 ie. 8bits and then self locked at (111)bin this method is used to set clocking input to register clock and stop it at 7 now since serial data is received at a baud rate of 9600bps I used a 9.6Khz clock which means that the counter will reach (111)bin in fraction of second 10.4167ms to be specific. Now since I am using software based simulation I have to switch between Hyperterminal and my simulator. I have used manual reset button to reset counter manually but as I type a character it is sent immediately giving me no chance to go back and reset the counter and so I am not able to save the data in the register. I have read about RTS and CTS in serial communication but not having any knowledge. Can I use these pins to automatically reset the counter to store the coming data. Help me and guide me through this keeping in mind that I am a 2nd year student of ECE and I am having no information about serial communication till now yet I have practically worked with serial port to send data only using RxD and TxD pins and no more pins.
Thank You.