Sercurity Camera Digital I/O help!!!!!

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Hello. i am a student right now studying communication engineering, and has been assigned this task of setting up a security camera.

my current task is to design and develope a Digital I/O with isolation...for the RTV-24 which is this thing over here.

I have to use a Opto coupler-Circuit for the Input and a DC relay circuit for the output to the D-connector.

The opto-coupler has to be able to withstand +5V-24V at the least.

The inductive coil is 5VDC, contacts are 24VDC. It is a 5VDC relay.

How should i go about doing this project...such as finding the resistor values, and such pardon me for being such a noob on this...i have not been taught any of it before.


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Welcome to AAC.

I've just browsed through the manual for the RTV-24. Looks like a halfway decent substitute for a DVR. Halfway.

Some additional information will be needed to understand what you are asking for.

Which D connector do you refer to?

Which inputs need opto-isolation?

Which outputs need a relay?

Note that opto-isolators will eat 24volts for breakfast and complain about the small portions. Most opto-isolators can handle a few thousand volts between isolated circuits.

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Hello thanks for the warm welcome..i understand my question is rather vague....haha regarding the questions that you have asked...i will need to find them out from my supervisor also haha...