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  1. Blazianenigma

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    Feb 17, 2011

    I was wondering on how I will attempt sequential leds.
    I have done some searching and Ive come up with programming a chip, buying a complete board, and using various 555 timers or decade counters.
    Well...Im throughly confused now.
    I have a project with 31 Lumileds wired in series of 3 with a 120ohm resistor to each series. I will have 1 wired alone with a resistor.

    I want it to go in a chase format if you look at the pic....
    I would like to have it start at the 3 leds on the flat side and continue out to the round side in the rough chevron pattern I made.

    I am fairly good at soldering and not afraid of it.

    Im just not sure of what components to use.
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