Sequential circuits and state equation.

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    Oct 2, 2009
    Helo everyone. Have a quick question about sequential circuits and equation.

    A sequential circuit has inputsignal x and outputsignal u. The current state is being described by Q and the next state by Q+

    According to this image of the equation.

    1) How do I know how many latches it is?
    2) How do I know how many states it has?
    3) What type is this? Mealy? Moore? If I don't understand wrong. The Moore doesn't use the inputsignal x...?
    4) How many gates do you need to realize or build or construct Q+ function? Assume that all the variables are available in both original and inverted form.

    Appreciating all the help. Sorry if some part of the text doesn't make sence. It's difficult to translate from Swedish. Anyway, thanks.