Sensor Type for Shoe Project

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Hi There,
I am working on a project to be performed in New York in April. I am researching various sensors and was wondering what you all thought would be the best type for the project.
The Project: The position / pressure of a dancers shoe on the ground will control the pitch (sweeping effect) of a sine tone. The tone will be generated on a laptop and interfaced using an Arduino MicroController.
The Sensor: Thus far, and I don't have much time, I'm going with flex sensor/voltage divider circuit. Any other suggestions? The tone change is based not on distance from sole to ground, but point/pressure of sole while on ground.

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A strain gauge may be a good way to go. I have not worked with the adhesive sticker kind, but that may do what you want. Hopefully it will be less intrusive to the dancers. You could run the wires up the back of the leg to a wireless transmitter like the ones used for microphones. That way, you can use the signal from the reciever to feed into the laptop via line in on the sound card.


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Have you considered an accelerometer? The MEMSIC 2125 2-axis accelerometer module made by Parallax may provide the basic platform for your application. They can be purchased at your local Radioshack store. It is quite small. It would be worn on a belt around the waste of the dancer and provide a signal that could be used to produce a variety of sounds that would be tied to the motion of the dancer. It has two outputs each is a 100 Hertz squarewave the duty cycle of which changes with movement. One monitors acceleration in the x-axis with the other monitoring the y-axis. It responds to tilt as well as acceleration. It works best if you orient the sensor so that the device is parallel to the floor. That way the motion can be differentiated from no motion. All it needs is 5V power. The processing is handled on board the chip.

Hey, it is just a suggestion.