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    Jun 7, 2014
    I am working on a mini project for a school who want to detect sound levels in the classroom and been going around in circles for a few weeks. There want to measure sound levels but ranging from very low sound i.e. chair moving, door opening to levels of talking within the classroom.

    I appreciate to get an accuracy levels a number of microphones locate in different parts of the classroom would need to be provide. But, just to be able to monitor sounds levels I would like to build a simple sound meter.

    I have used many of the Arduino type microphones and built pre-amps using lm358, 386 and BC548 circuits but none of them provide the response I am looking for. Many of the circuits seem to be very noisy and not seeing the response which I am looking for.

    Audio analogue electronics is not area of expertise and looking for some ideas on suitable circuit and design.
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    Measuring relative levels of sounds would be much easier (and cheaper) than measuring absolute levels. Which type of measurement do you have in mind?
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    When I was into studio recording I used a surface pressure microphone. You mount it on any large flat wall and it detects the sound pressure when sounds hit the wall.

    It's ideal for detecting all the sounds in a room, as an alternative to having lots of microphones.