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Just wanna know if anyone knows theres any semi-log(Bode) graph simulator/program site available to do some auto plotting. i am plotting log(decibel)Y-axis along frequency X-axis. maybe one that i can enter my values of dB and freq and it will auto-plot for me. if anyone knows any please post the link for me. i tried google but still a hard find because i dont know what to search specifically and some simulator are not what i want.

if there is not one then i guess i will have to do a manual way on a graph paper but the curve would not be nice. thanks


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If you have Microsoft EXCEL, you can create semi-log plots.

You would need to write the data generating equations and then use the graphing capability of EXCEL and select logarithm for the appropriate axis.



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The `R' language from the cran project is a free download and has an excellent plotting package which will save plots in pdf format.