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Hi I'm a university student. and i'm making noise detector circuit as my semester project but my lab demonstrator asked me to put some frequency circuit as well which can be able to differentiate between human voices (men and women) and animals or birds in DB. its my 8th week of study and i need to submit it by 10th week. please help as soon as possible
their are many levels of complexity for your project, it can start from simple filters and detectors, to complex digital signal processors and FPGAs.
however as university student I think you just need to demonstrate the concept.
try this aproach.
1- you need microphone to transforme the sound into an electrical signal.
2- pass this signal throw a pre amplifier and an amplifier that covers the whole band that you need to study.
3. the boosted signal is now ready to pass throw filters, in your case you need a filter tuned to the male sound frequencies and another one to female and animal....
4- then you measure the output of the filters, the one that gives the highest response is most will let you know the source of the sound.
5-at the output of the filters you will need a calibrated power meter or somthing similar.