Self Charging made by IFE team it's (possible)?

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New forum IFE....may be they just launched this year couple of months ago..
Anyway I can't say much about it as I should built it first to understand it properly, but I remember one professor at some university in India was researching on high frequencies energy may be this is related to that may be not. It seems the coil is using the high frequencies energy to charge the battery, as we know their are so much radiations these days all around from mobile towers and satellites .If it’s like that how I am thinking then the device will not work if towers and satellites are dead. Or may be I am completely wrong

Anyway I will try to built it at home...but any details for the coil as I can't see anything in forum



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Free energy is NOT possible.
Most times scammers do not give all the details on the components, as they know it will not work.
Perhaps the lifetime will be a bit longer, but it will NOT last for ever.

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