self care and massage ?

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    Jul 21, 2008
    I am wondering what the best self care techiques for hair , skin , muscle are ?

    1) what types of shampoos or hair cleaning/conditioning products are the best (natural/orgainic out there or maybe just a home remedy like mixing olive oil with lemon known current method so your hair won't age/fall out)

    2) what is the best type (current method known) of all natural skin cleaning , mosterizer , and rinkle protection /prevention product (i.e keeps the skin young and not to lose elasticity ...etc)

    For massage I am wondering I know there is many types and techiques to massgeing a person but what types of oils are the best for the skin / stimulate the skin/ relaxing the body/relieving stress.
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    Jul 9, 2011
    The only word I see that links this post to this forum is "current". :)
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    Well it is off topic.

    If you are hung up on the all natural thing you might as well make your own soap using unnatural ingredients. Nothing more basic than using commercially manufactured lye (either sodium or potassium based, or a blend of each) + a fatty acid ester of your choice along with some glycerin by-product from the transesterification process thrown in for good measure. Soy, coconut, beef tallow, and many other oils can be converted into soaps. Soap making truely is an artform involving as much aesthetics as chemistry but the end result is the same, to gently make oils soluble in water. What additives you put in the soap, such as essential oils for use as scents, pumice/grit for exfoliation of dead skin cells, vitamins, so on and so forth is up to you.

    As far as massages, go for deep tissue types that focus on draining the lymph nodes... IMO if you are not dizzy and a bit wobbly from all the toxins being released you haven't had a good massage. Be sure to drink lots of water before and after.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    I may try making soap for fun some day when I have time to do the research on it.

    But right now the question I am wondering from a high level is hair soaps (i.e shampoos ) are the made the same type of way as hand / body soaps (at least for the natural ones )

    Because I am currently wondering if one can interchange the 2 types and still get the same benifit of being as clean and not damaging your hair or anything... Or is there some major factors that can come into play so you shouldn't interchange.

    Also I know face exercises come into play in making your face stronger and perventing rinkles. But is there any other methods/natural products you can uses to prevent and reverse rinkles.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    They sell specially made massage oil. My therapist has a whole closet full of it. Works great, goes on warm, not much residue, doesn't dry up like lotions.