Self Balancing Robot Algorithm?

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Does anyone know the trick in programming a self balancing robot? The only thing I could find in my search is other people's self balancing robot projects.


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AFAIK Microchip has a 2 dimension self-balancing demo, 2 dimensions as it just spins in place to balance the arm vertical. I don't have a link so you'll have to search them yourself.


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One approach would be to use PID algorithm as a means of controlling the robots balance.

The most primitive mechanism I have seen used to determine the robots vertical orientation was an ultrasonic distance measuring scheme.

I would be inclined to use a tilt sensor with an analog output.

There are quite a few examples of balancing robots on youtube. You can get some ideas there.



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I recall reading an article appearing in Elektor magazine (in Spanish or maybe English language).

The whole theory behind the solution was clearly explained.

That was about two years ago IIRC.


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Now, I recall another more recent issue, also from Elektor, where there is a design that involves kind of a ruler with a small metallic ball always kept in balance. In the basics it is the same problem. It was properly explained as well.
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