Selection of IGBT gate driver

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Arun Bennett

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Hey guys, I need help choosing an IGBT gate driver IC and the application is focused on 3-phase AC motor inverter setup. Consider it is a 5 pole pair motor and need to run at 5000rpm. Then what should be my gate driver's Tsw to switch on the IGBTs.

Considering the mentioned IGBT for the application:


As we know the current supposed to be supplied to the IGBT should be
Current = Gate charge(Qg) / Tsw

I need to filter some gate driver ICs which should be able to supply the current, but I can proceed with it only if I know the Tsw and I have no idea how to calculate it for the application so that the motor runs at the desired RPM (mentioned above).

It'll be helpful if someone can share me any formula or application notes which can guide me to find it.

Thank you in advance.