Selecting the right fuse for DC motor

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I am not too familiar with fuses, and have never used one before, but I need to properly fuse a DC motor.

Some info on the motor:

A control box is also used to control the speed of the motor, and I'd say it's running at 80% of the full speed.

From what I understand I think a 10Amp fuse is what I need, but I'm not sure if my calculations are correct. Any advice on the specs of the most appropriate fuse would be greatly appreciated.


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My advice is to fill in the information request provided at the bottom of the page you linked. Why ask us to guess when the manufacturer is available with the correct answer?

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To select a Right fuse for DC please follow given steps:
1.Find the maximum fuse amperage.
2.Find minimum fuse amperage.
3.choose fuse amperage.
4.Find available fuse.
5.choose a fuse holder.