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    Apr 28, 2012
    I bought a SEGA MASTER SYSTEM yesterday.

    What about tapping the cartridge port with a microcontroller?

    I have one 16F946 (53 IO), the 18F chips are all 3V.

    The SMS is a Z80 based game console.
    It has 8K RAM, a tiles based VDP (video display processor), and a 3-channel sound chip.

    They are both accessed with port writes, not memory mapped.

    It is possible to request DMA cycle from the Z80 so it stops executing programs.

    When the SEGA is powered on, the 8KB boot ROM executes.

    The expansion port is just a mirror of the cartridge port.

    Maybe it is not worth the efforts- the VDP is not exactly powerful.

    Using 2.5" TFT with PIC32- free pixel access, far more colors, 32bits controller...