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Hi i am kind of new at this electronics and forum. I have a problem with a circuit im trying to design and perhaps someone with more experience would be able to help me.
mybe you have seen those automatic paint ball guns that have a switch when is pressd once it will automatically pull the valve of compressd air once, when the switch is pressd twice it will shoot three times and when pushd three times it will keep shooting continuously. well i need to design something similar to that but without using a solenoid because that takes too much power (9v). it has to open a little valve where air will shoot out of the pressure is not too much so i figured by making a small disk with 3 wholes in it and connecting it to a small dc motorwill doit. THE PROBLEM IS how do i keep track of how many times the motor will turn depending on the number of times my switch is pressed. what kind of sensor can i put on that will count the number of times the motor is supossed to turn. the sequence is very similar to the one in the gun
switch pressed once - the motor will turn the wheel just enough for one whole to line up
with a small air pipe lets say and a small burst of air cones out
press it twice - the motor will do one full revolution, since it has three wholes and then
presss it three timess - the motor will continue to turn un til the trigger is stopped.

i would appreciate anyones help and/or advice thanks


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The shaft sensor to count or indicate revolutions is trivial compared to the problem of sealing your disk against the air (it's carbon dioxide, isn't it?) supply. Unless you have access to a machine shop, you are not likely to manage the seal.

Check the web for info on rotary valves to get an idea of what you're up against. Considering the necessity of a gas-tight seal, the motor to spin the disk would need something like a car battery for operation.